Lexi and Maggie | Benedictine College Recital Session

It's recital season. That means that all of us juniors are going mad practicing, figuring out what we're going to wear, fighting over practice rooms, and promoting our recitals all over campus. As the "resident photographer" (so to speak) of the music department, I've become the official photographer of the junior class. Which is fine with me! Our class is small - there are 8 of us - and we're all pretty close, so most favors asked ultimately end up with us just spending time with each other while we get stuff done.  

Lexi is a fellow piano major. She's studying music ed and also plays the clarinet and sings. I love her dearly, but she seems to have this foolish notion in her head that Beethoven is better than Mozart. No amount of reasoning or explanation has changed her mind. She's totally wrong, of course. 

I know this isn't the best quality and she'll probably kill me for posting this, but I think this is my favorite shot out of all of them.

In spite of the friendly Mozart vs. Beethoven argument (which isn't actually serious in the least, since we both know I'm right *wink*), Lexi is one of my favorite people. She's very funny and extremely talented. She makes the best goofy faces, says silly things, and does wacky things (like cook octopus in the dorm kitchen at 9:00 on a Friday night). She's also intelligent, encouraging, and determined. 

Basically, she's really cool and I like her quite a bit. 

She's sharing her recital with vocalist Maggie. 

This gal. Once it's not too early in the morning and she's had her coffee, she's a ball of energy who can make you smile without fail. She gives 100% to everything; if she's excited, bet your sweet potatoes you and everyone else will know about it and be just as excited for her. If she's upset about something, the walls will be vibrating and things won't feel right until she's feeling better. 

"Trini, I have to look dramatic. And majestic."

She's an expert at cheering people up and cheering you on. I can't tell you how many times she's gotten right in my face and said something along the lines of, "Trini, we're DOING THIS! And it's gonna be GREAT! We're gonna CRUSH this test and it'll be AWESOME!", punctuating it all with a fistpump. 

"Trini! I can't keep a straight face!!!"

She's also a composer and has recently asked me to play the piano part of the upcoming debut of an ensemble piece she wrote for our school's Discovery Day. Last year, it was a choral piece, and she's written several songs as well. She's a multi-talented, energetic, absolutely wonderful human being and is a blessing to have as a friend. 

"Wait, Lexi! Jump into my arms!"

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