Madeleine and Timothy | Elgin Wedding

Madeleine, also known as Moxie, and Tim got married this month in Illinois. The whole day was relaxed, joyful, and just beautiful. 


I'd like to give a little shoutout to the talented Julianna H., who was the videographer and is now a friend of mine. I unfortunately can't be in two places at once and, as the groom and groomsmen were getting ready in a different place, Julianna volunteered to go and photograph them. Thanks to her for the photos of the guys!


Tim wrote Moxie a letter that she read right before the ceremony started.


Kerin and Matthew | Weston Wedding

I've photographed these two multiple times (see here, here, and here) and I can now say with great joy that as of 20 May 2017, they are FINALLY MARRIED! 

Christin, the maid of honor. She did an amazing job keeping everything running smoothly the morning of the wedding.

"My lipstick needs fixing!"

Right before we were about to head out the door, Kerin said, "Oh, shoot! I forgot to brush my teeth!!!" Everyone in the room chuckled at that because about twenty minutes prior, Colleen (Matt's cousin) made a PSA to everyone in the room and hollered, "Everyone remember to brush your teeth and put on deodorant!" 

They had a little Instax that was passed around and by the end of the reception, there was a pile of Polaroids on the bridal party's table.

Oh, this couple. 

I'm going to gush for a minute.

These two are such a gift. Ever since I met them, their schedules have been insane. Kerin's major required a lot of complex science classes that took up a lot of her time and energy. Matt's an English major, so he's done everything that comes along with that, as well as a lot of work for campus media - video, photography, running accounts on social media platforms, etc. And of course, once spring semester rolled around, they know, planning a wedding and sorting out their lives on top of everything else they already had to juggle. 

And somehow, no matter how crazy their lives may have been at any given time, they were always loving and selfless toward others around them. So many times, especially last school year, I'd drop by Kerin's apartment to talk to one of her roommates and end up staying twice as long to chat or vent with Kerin about whatever was going on in life at that moment. Kerin would usually be bogged down working on a PowerPoint or a demonstration or a paper, but would always make time to hang out and catch up for a bit.

And of course, Matt would almost always swing by the apartment - or already be there - and I would stay even later, talking to him about photography or crazy things people had done...or just stand at the counter laughing at his antics and all the ridiculous things he'd say. 

Or they'd be in the middle of making dinner or about to watch a movie and would invite me to stay and hang out. Sometimes Matt's sister would come by with a friend or two and we'd all just sit at the little 4-person table and talk about life. 

Someone at the wedding said something along the lines of, "You two bring so much peace. Even if I just see one of you from across campus, I feel like everything's okay." I agree 100% with that statement. They are so rooted in who they are in Christ and that just shone through in every aspect of their relationship since day one. Not long after they started dating, I was talking to Kerin about something relationship-related - can't remember what it was specifically - and she said, "We want our relationship to be about others. We want anyone who hangs out with us to feel included and important and to feel that God loves them." 

And let me tell y'all, they nailed it. There aren't a ton of times that I can pinpoint a specific person and say, "You showed me how God loves." Kerin and Matt are two of those people. Their relationship with each other and those around them is so loving and gentle, so patient, so selfless, so pure and sincere. They're the kind of people who make you want to better know His heart, because if a person can love the way they do, how does God love? They're the kind of people the world needs. And now they're married and the world is a better place because of it.

Grace | Katie and Moxie - Junior Recital Photos

Katie and Moxie are two more of the music majors with an upcoming junior recital. They're both sopranos and have absolutely gorgeous voices and even more beautiful personalities.

Katie's my roommate, so I hear her sing all the time. In the shower, while doing chores, while doing homework, in her sleep (once), when she's driving...she'll even sing her through schedule sometimes. There's also very little that she won't sing - opera, pop, indie, country, showtunes, oldies; you name it, she probably sings it, and when she does she definitely makes it sound 100 times better. 

She has the voice of an absolute diva and has the attitude of anything but. I've met very, very few people who put others before themselves the way this girl does. She's the type of person who will do everything within her power to help you, completely wear herself out in the process, and then apologize for not being able to do more. She's determined, thoughtful, and stubborn in the best way. (That's my way of saying that the only thing we've fought over so far in the past semester and a half of living together is over who gets to do the chores. As in, "Well, you took out the trash last time, so it's my turn!!! Don't even think about doing that! It's my turn! Don't you dare!") 

"I feel very uncomfortable!!!"

Moxie's one of those people who has tried everything and is annoyingly good at everything. She plays 4(?) instruments, sings like an angel, always looks fabulous, and is very smart. It'd be quite frustrating if she weren't such a lovely human being; she's totally down to earth and is an absolute joy to be with. She also has a passion for good church music, so we'll occasionally geek out together over awesome old hymnals or complain about bad modern hymns.  

She has a very entertaining goofy side as well. She came up with the best prank the music department has ever seen (at least, we think it was). About half the time we were working on these pictures and I wasn't actually taking photos, she was making silly faces and standing in ridiculous poses.

And then ten seconds later, she turns around and gives the camera this face. 

Basically, she's a princess and a gem of a human and everyone loves her.

Our attempt at replicating a Vermeer. It worked pretty well, except you couldn't see her earrings in this one. Whoops!

And here's some that probably won't go on the recital invitations...but I love them anyway. 

Such a good photo idea...until I realized that both of them are still taller than the banister when sitting down. Free the sopranos!

The sopranos are judging you.

For this one, you have to imagine both of them asking me, "What do I do with my face?!" while I try to balance on a 6-inch windowsill 3 feet off the ground while trying to not fall and/or drop my camera. It was a hilarious mess.